Vladivostok’s Best Souvenirs and Where to Find Them


If you are planning a trip to Vladivostok, Russia, 블라디보스톡자유여행you will be pleased to know that the city has a lot to offer in terms of souvenirs. From traditional Russian handicrafts to unique and quirky items, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to buying gifts and keepsakes to remember your trip. In this article, we will share with you some of the best souvenirs you can find in Vladivostok and where to find them.

Matryoshka Dolls

Discover the enchanting world of Matryoshka dolls, an iconic Russian souvenir that captivates the hearts of children and adults alike. These masterfully crafted wooden dolls boast intricate and vivid designs, with each doll nestled perfectly within one other. The bustling Central Market in Vladivostok is a treasure trove for those seeking a diverse selection of these alluring dolls, with an abundance of sizes, patterns, and price points to choose from. Delight your senses and immerse yourself in the vibrant Matryoshka experience that awaits at the heart of Russian culture.

Russian Hats

Discover the quintessential Russian treasure – the fashionable and cozy ushanka, perfect for combating winter chills with flair. Delight your style-savvy loved ones with this unique gift by exploring the vibrant street markets of Vladivostok or heading to the renowned Central Market. Be captivated by the ushanka’s diverse range of designs, hues, and textures, adorning this alluring icon of Russian heritage.

Baltic Amber

Discover the enchantment of Baltic Amber in Vladivostok! 블라디보스톡자유여행특가This stunning fossilized resin is found only in the Baltic region and boasts captivating hues, eye-catching patterns, and unique shapes. Explore a rich selection of exquisite jewelry pieces, inspiring sculptures, and decorative objects at the city’s renowned Amber Museum – all crafted from high-quality amber sourced directly from nature.

Russian Vodka

Discover the essence of Russia with its iconic vodka – an authentic and memorable memento of your travels. Embrace the spirited heart of a nation, cherished by locals and visitors alike. Unveil the rich tapestry of Russian vodka brands in Vladivostok’s bustling markets, or indulge in the unrivaled collection awaiting you at Vladivostok International Airport’s Duty-Free Shop.

Russian Nesting Bowls

Similar to Matryoshka dolls, Russian nesting bowls are a traditional Russian handicraft that makes for a great souvenir. These wooden bowls are decorated with intricate designs and fit inside each other, with the largest bowl being the outermost layer. You can find Russian nesting bowls in many souvenir shops and street markets in Vladivostok, but for the best selection, head to the Central Market.

To wrap things up, the enchanting city of Vladivostok opens its treasure chest of exclusive and delightful Russian souvenirs to fit every whim and wallet. Unearth the allure of traditional craftsmanship, eccentric novelties, and superior-quality artifacts as you curate memories and tokens from this captivating region. Let our insights be your compass to navigate the vibrant markets and secret gems of Vladivostok’s shopping realm.